Professional Dog Groomer Course

Training with the best

Full Hands on Training in a grooming salon setting.
The course is approximately four and a half months (depending on individuals).
All phases of grooming, clipping, brushing, bathing, breed specific patterns and hand scissor finish
Students will receive a certificate upon completion and placement when possible.
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Our goal is to find individuals that share our passion for pet care and styling and want to make a difference in pet’s lives. After founding and owning a grooming school in Albuquerque N.M. for over a decade, it is our goal to continue and share our experience and knowledge to build a better grooming community.

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Tuition and Equipment

The Tuition of $7,500 will be four and a half months, four days a week from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.. ) Some Saturdays will be required near the end of the training. An additional equipment fee of $1,100 will cover all basic grooming equipment for the course.

All necessary equipment for grooming training; For example, clippers, scissors, blades, comb, brush, nail clippers, etc. at the cost of $1,100.


Pet Grooming School

Curriculum Overview

Dog Grooming School

A Hands-On Program

The instruction of basic and professional dog grooming is a hands-on program, designed with a step by step process to ensure that both the learning student and the pets are safe and secure through each phase of learning. The skill of pet grooming like any other skill is one that requires repetition to achieve quality.

The Training Program

The training program is designed in phases from basic observation and grooming to the full completion of hand scissoring and breed standards. Our goal is to take students all the way through the learning phases and onto planning their own pet grooming business.

One-On-One Training

We understand that every student learns in different ways and at their own pace that is why we prefer one-on-one training with our students to ensure they are given the individual attention needed for them to succeed.

What To Expect

Beginning of Training

In the first few days students will shadow instructor and instructor’s assistant in the functions of a professional dog grooming salon. Observation is a key element to the learning procedure of pet grooming, breed information and familiarization. Students will be shown; safe ways to handle animals, proper techniques for bathing/ brushing/ drying different coat types, nail clipping, ear cleaning, basic clips on paw pads, sanitary trims, basic body clips, along with learning how to detect skin parasites, skin problems, ear problems, and other common pet related conditions. Students will also go over full equipment training on how to properly use and maintain all supplies needed.

More Advanced Skills

From there students will go on to learn more advanced skills such as mastering clean feet, clean face, breed pattern setting, hand scissoring, thinning, and blending techniques. How to identify vermin on pets and exterminate them. How to deal with skin treatments and sensitive skin.

The final part of the course will cover pet industry opportunities, such as starting your own business.

Dog Grooming School

Meet the Experts


Isabel Campos has always had a great love and connection with animals from a very young age, caring, and providing care for them. As a young adult she became a Vet assistant and surgery groomer. In the mid eighties she attended the countries leading grooming school in New York City; the New York School of Dog Grooming.

She worked in many well known pet grooming and boarding facilities in NYC before relocating to Albuquerque New Mexico. After noticing the extreme need for well trained professional groomers, she decided to open Accent Pet Styling School, founding the first grooming school in New Mexico.

She also trained with animal behaviorists in NYC and N.M. to obtain better understanding of dogs’ needs and behavior modification.

After many years of teaching, Isabel relocated to Port Charlotte where she and her partner Renée opened the doors to Accent Pet Styling in FL.

Renée‘s background stems from many years in medical laboratory management. After several years of grooming her two toy poodles, Renée decided to switch career paths and pursue a future in something she loves, being artistic and working with animals. She trained with Isabel Campos at Canine Country Club in Albuquerque N.M. and received a certificate in Professional Grooming over twenty years ago. After selling a grooming business co-owned with Isabel in Santa Fe, N.M., she and Isabel opened the doors to Accent Pet Styling in Port Charlotte FL.

She has always been an animal lover with compassion for those that cannot speak.

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